DIY Craft Kits

Poured Acrylic Jewelry Kit

By far our most popular kit! Make your own poured acrylic jewelry in just a few easy steps. This kit takes the trial and error out of flow painting by including specially-mixed paints for unique patterns and a true artisan look. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how cool these pieces of jewelry turn out! Purchase at

Wood Sign Kit

Make an inviting wood sign for your home with this paint and stencil kit. Sizes and patterns vary with the season, but each kit includes a piece of cedar, stencils, paint, paintbrush, and varnish. Purchase at

Bottle Decorating Kit

Upcycle your empty glass bottles into these beautiful decorative items! This kit includes chalk paint, one paint brush, jute twine, beads, sand paper, and one set of cork lights. Decorate up to three bottles with this kit and upgrade a space in your home. This style goes well with almost any type of decor or in any room – a kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. The possibilities are endless! Detailed instructions are included with the kit. Purchase at

Recycled Bag Jewelry Kit

Upcycle your used plastic grocery bags with this unique jewelry kit. You supply the bags; we supply the pendant, hardware, and jewelry glue. The pendant is made using a poured acrylic paint swatch and glass cabochon, and has a unique silver tree pattern on the reverse side. Kit can be purchased at

Kids’ Pour Painting Kit

Kids can try this popular style of painting and make a personalized, glow-in-the-dark masterpiece to hang on the wall. The kit includes three colors of paint mixed with water and Elmer’s glue for easy pouring, glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, an 8″x 8″ canvas, gloves, paper to protect work area, and instructions (video and print). *Recommended age is 10 and up; adult supervision is recommended. Purchase at